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Man Power Energy Chocolates coffee

INTRODUCTION: Man power coffee consists of traditionally used tongkat ali and maca extract which helps energize your body and improve semen quality to provide you unforgettable experience. It is made from selected coffee beans, non-dairy creamer, tongkat ali, maca extract. Specially blended in well adjusted ratio.

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Product Name Man Power Energy Chocolates coffee
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Taste Rich and flavorful
lngredients Sugar;Non Dairy Creamer;Instant Coffee Powder;Skim Milk Powder;Coco Powder ;Malt Extract;Flavouring;Organic Reishi Extract Powder;tongkat ali extract;maca extract;
Shelf life 2years
Storage Kept in a cool dry place
paymant items TT, L/C, PayPal, Moneygram, West Union
benefits 1. lmproves male libido2. helps with early ejaculation3. improves poor erection4. increases testosterone level



Instant organic arabica coffee, tongkat ali extract,pure cane sugar, non-dairy creamer[glucose syrup solids, vegetables fat(palm oil), sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), dipotassiun phosphate, pentasodium triphophate, silicone dioxide, mono and diglycerides and riboflivin, 100% pure certitied ganderma extract, maca extract.



Tongkat-Ali is an herb that helps restore hormonal balance among men and women; helps restore energy and vitality; boosts metabolism and increases libido; helps reduce the effects of stress; improves the quality of sleep; and supports healthy cognitive function.


Benefits and Uses

Stimulates male hormone secretion

Increases sperm production & quality, Enhances Sexual Performance

Improves sexual function, boosts libido, Increases endurance

Strengthens the Immune system & fights Infection

Natural testosterone booster

Increases Muscle Mass & Strengthens Stamina, Balances Hormone Levels

Increases Energy & Athletic Performance

Fights Depression & Improves Brain Function, Boosts Kidney Function, Enhances Sexual Function

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