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Quality Control

At Wuling, the first principal in all the products we produce are that they are only made with the fruit body of the Mushroom as this is were the vast majority of active ingredients are.

At every point in production we monitor our product for levels of relevant active ingredients so you will have a consistent and high potency base material or finished product from us.

We are the only factory in the world that uses the patented Juncao method for the cultivation of the Reishi, which is not only ecologically more sound but also has more active ingredients than commonly grown Reishi.

We are ISO 22000 certified and can provide SGS testing reports as needed.

Every Mushroom order we produce is tested for pesticides, heavy metals and active components and bacterial content and must comply with approved government standards to be able to ship.

At every step from farm to finished product we take the quality, safety and consistency to the highest levels so you can be sure you are getting the best for your end users.


Our quality comes from the detailed selection and strict standards of raw materials we use and best practices in cultivation.
Our organic planting base is located at the southern foot of Wuyi Mountain, covering an area of nearly 800 mu. Wuyi Mountain is one of China's key nature reserves, where the ambient air is fresh and free of artificial pollution and is very suitable for the growth of medicinal mushrooms. We use high-quality strains and choose a non-polluting culture medium and strictly follow the global GAP planting regulations and US / EU organic standards during the growing of the mushrooms. We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and we have very strict requirements on water quality to ensure high-quality mushrooms without pesticides or heavy metal residues.

The spirit of craftsmanship guides the process for the extraction of mushrooms.
In the past 17 years, in order to pursue better products, we have continuously improved the product line and optimized the technological process. Our deep processing factory covers an area of nearly 20,000 square meters, and has a series of drying and milling workshops for mushrooms, our processing and extraction equipment, food processing workshops all meet ISO22000 standards and are in accordance with GMP standards. We can provide customers with large quantities of organic and conventional dried mushrooms, fine mushroom powder of various meshes, we can produce mushroom polysaccharides and beta glucan with a range of 10% to 95% active ingredient, depending on your needs, we can also provide single content products with high content of cordycepin ( the active ingredient in cordycept) and Hericium ( the active ingredient in Lion’s mane )etc.