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Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsule (Two Month Supply – 90 Count) Vegan Supplement – Real Immune System and Digestive Support

Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsule

  • Powerful immunomodulator
  • Improve gut bacteria balance
  • Improve insulin resistance
  • Astounding detox potential

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The large mushroom, which weighs up to 20 kilograms, is clustered on the trunk of a broad-leaved forest. lts surface is gray-brown and resembles a group of flying butterflies. lts nutritional value is very high. The body is rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Its taste is delicious. After testing,100 grams of dry flowers of Grifola frondosa contain 22.75 grams ofprotein,23.58 grams of amino acids (the amino acid

content is twice as high as shiitake does).And the qray tree The Trp (tryptophan) content in flower proteins
is extremely high, being the highestamong 1358 foods recorded in the”Food Composition Table”; The VE
content is also particularly high(109.7mq/100q)inthe”Food Composition Table” among the1.358 foods
recorded in the list, they ranked second,second only to sesame oil. At the same time, the content of mineral elements (such as zinc selenium, calcium,etc.) that are easily lacking in

human ash tree flowers is high.4_01 4_02 4_03 4_04 4_05 4_06 4_07 4_10



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