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Organic Oyster Mushroom Extractive Capsules

Funtions: Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) grow naturally worldwide in forests, named for their oyster-like shape and color. They are a readily cultivated mushroom that has become a popular food in Asia, Europe, and North America. lt is extremely delicious as well as conferring various health-giving properties and benefits.

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Product Organic Oyster mushroom Capsules
Ingredient Oyster mushroom extract
Specification 10-30% Polysaccharides
Type Herbal Extract,Healthy Supplement
Solvent Hot water /Alcohol / Dual extract
Function Brain & Stomach Protect, Support Immune System,Tame Inflammation etc.
Dosage 1-2g/Day
Shelf Life 24 Months
Storage Stored in cool and dry place,Keep from strong sunlight
Customized OEM & ODM Welcome
Application food
Main Market ● Canada ●America ●South America ●Australia ● Korea ●Japan ●Russia ●Asia ●United Kingdom ●Spain ●Africa
Our Services ● Professional team in 2hours feedback.
● GMP certificated factory,audited production process.
● Sample(10-25grams) are available forquality inspection.
● Fast delivery time within1-3 business days after received payment.
● Support customer for new product R&D.
● OEM service.

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