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SHIITAKE Capsules Immune System Booster 90 Veggie Pills

Funtions: The shiitake is an edible mushroom native to East Asia, which is cultivated and consumed in many Asian countries. For the various health-boosting properties that have been discovered over centuries of ancient medicine, it is considered a medicinal mushroom in some forms of traditional medicine.

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Product Organic SHIITAKE Capsules
Ingredient SHIITAKE extract
Specification 10-30% Polysaccharides
Type Herbal Extract, Healthy Supplement
Solvent Hot water /Alcohol / Dual extract
Function Brain & Stomach Protect, Support Immune System,Tame Inflammation etc.
Dosage 1-2g/Day
Shelf Life 24 Months
Storage Stored in cool and dry place,Keep from strong sunlight
Customized OEM & ODM Welcome
Application food

Shiitake function:

1. Improve immune system: lentinan can increase the phagocytosis of mouse peritoneal macrophages, promote the production of T lymphocytes, and increase the killing activity of T lymphocytes. Anti-aging: The water extract of shiitake mushroom has a scavenging effect on hydrogen peroxide and a certain elimination effect on hydrogen peroxide in the body.

2. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer: The part of the shiitake mushroom cap has double-stranded structure of ribonucleic acid. After entering the body, it will produce interferon with anti-cancer effect.

3. Lower blood pressure, blood fat, cholesterol: Shiitake contain purine, choline, tyrosine, oxidase and certain nucleic acid substances, not only can play a role in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, blood fat, but also to prevent arteriosclerosis, Liver cirrhosis and other diseases.

4. Shiitake also have therapeutic effects on diabetes, tuberculosis, infectious hepatitis, and neuritis, and can also be used for indigestion and constipation.company img-1company img-2company img-5

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