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Agaricus Blazei extract powder

Agaricus Blazei Extract is very popular among people. can strongly enhance immunity, prevent senility. Its fruit body tastes good and it is a kind of edible mushroom with high contents of protein and sugar. Every 100 grams of dried mushroom contains 40-45% crude protein, 38-45% sugar, 18.3% amino acids, 5-7% crude ash, 34% crude fat. Besides, it also contains vitamins B1, B2. The fruit body contains various active substances that can  lower blood pressure, etc.

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Product Name: Agaricus Blazei extract powder
Country Of Origin: China
Available In: Bulk, Private Label/OEM, Individually Packaged Goods
Part Used: Mycelium or Fruiting body
test method: ultraviolet rays
Appearance: Brown Fine Powder
Active Ingredient: Polysaccharides Beta-glucans / Triterpenes
Extraction and dissolution: Water-Ethanol
Sepcification: Polysaccharides 10%-50%UV/10:1TLC
Applied industries: Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement



1. agaricus can enhance the body’s immune function: by enhancing the function of the mononuclear macrophage system, enhance the body’s immune function, has the effect of inhibiting cell division and regulating the immune system response, thereby blocking the interference of virus growth.

2. agaricus can promote the hematopoietic function of human bone marrow: by improving the suppression of bone marrow hematopoietic function through chemotherapy, the total hemoglobin concentration, the total number of platelets and white blood cells tend to normal values, and in the same time it has an inhibitory effect on tumor cells.

3. agaricus can promote the effect of chemotherapy drugs cyclophosphamide, 5-Fu.

4. agaricus inhibits the proliferation of leukemia cells. physiologically active polysaccharide suitable for the treatment of childhood leukemia.

5. agaricus has protective effects on the liver and kidneys and it can be taken for a long time.

6. agaricus has anti-cancer biological functions.



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Package & Shipment

Delivery: Sea/Air Shipping & International Express
Shipping Time: 5-7 working days after payment
Package: 1-5kg/Aluminum foil bag, size: 22cm (Width)*32cm (Length) 15-25kg/Drum, size: 38cm (Diameter)*50cm (Height)
Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat.
Shelf Life: 24 months

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